HorrorAddicts.net‘s 2017 Next Great Horror Writer Contest ended in October 2017 with the grand prize winner, Jonathan Fortin, walking away with a basket full of prizes including several story publications and a book contract from Crystal Lake Publishing.

The other contestants have gone on to participate in the writing community and have bragging rights as well. They made it through a grueling six-month writing challenge, battling each other for the top prize. No matter what they won or didn’t win, they challenged themselves as writers and got better as the competition went on.

What listeners and prospective #NGHW contestants what to know now is… Will there be another Next Great Horror Writer Contest? The answer is…maybe. It depends on the feedback HorrorAddicts.net gets from listeners and prospective contestants over the next year on whether the contest will resume in 2019.

For 2018, HorrorAddicts.net is returning to it’s normal format for it’s most CURSED season yet, Season 13. Began in July 2008 as a way for Emerian Rich to keep connected to her vampire podnovel fans, HorrorAddicts.net has grown into a massive outlet for Horror enthusiasts. Now a blog, podcast, and publisher, HorrorAddicts.net strives to bring the best in new, indie, and original fiction to it’s readers and listeners.

In Season 13, the podcast will include stories by authors such as Lori Safranek, Courtney Mroch, H.R. Boldwood, Patrick C. Greene, and more, produced by the HorrorAddicts.net staff. Musicians Valentine Wolfe, I-Def-I, SINthetick Messiah, Stagefright, Hormones, and Harry Husbands will also be featured. The shows will be centered around CURSE beliefs throughout the ages and a brand new audiodrama will grace it’s airwaves. Season 13 will also feature the new print book coming in the Summer, Crescendo of Darkness, Edited by Jeremiah Donaldson and bring current news from the Horror world to it’s addicts.

When asked if the Next Great Horror Writer Contest was a good experience, Emerian said, “Yes. We actually had a lot of fun producing it. I loved talking to all the newbie writers and helping them realize their dream of being a horror writer. It was also great dealing with all the guest judges and prize donors.” When asked if HorrorAddicts.net will be doing the contest again, she said, “We’d love to. It all depends on if there is enough interest in it. It was a lot of work for us, but that is nothing if we have interested contestants. We got tons of entries last time who I’m sure would like a second chance at being the Next Great Horror Writer. If we have enough interest from the listeners, prospective contestants, and sponsors, we would love to host it again.”

So now it is up to you to contact HorrorAddicts.net at: horroraddicts@gmail.com and let them know your thoughts about #NGHW Contest. Did you enjoy listening to the contest? Do you want to enter next time? Let your voice be heard!