The Next Great Horror Writer Contest

#NGHW Top 6 Self-Interviews


These are a portion of the top 6 Self-Interviews.

  1. Harry Husbands:

When Harry entered the room, I was first struck by his shabby appearance. He wore a plain black t-shirt, pyjama shorts, and looked as if he’d just fallen out of bed a moment prior. He was polite enough, though frequently stared at the floor and his sentences would trail off to a mumble as if changing his mind half way through. Despite all of this, I can’t help but feel some intrinsic connection with him; that he is someone I’ve known all my life; someone I’ve shared everything with. He is notoriously hard to get hold of— avoiding social situations where possible and preferring the company of a person much like myself. I was fortunate enough to pin down the man who three people once called ‘alright’ and asked him some questions.

            You’re a writer among millions of…

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