#NGHW Editor’s Pick Publication Released!


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HorrorAddicts.net continues our Horror Bites series with a bundle of new fiction by our Next Great Horror Writer Contestants.

Featuring work by:

Jonathan Fortin
Naching T. Kassa
Daphne Strasert
Jess Landry
Harry Husbands
Sumiko Saulson
Adele Marie Park
Feind Gottes
JC Martínez
Cat Voleur
Abi Kirk-Thomas
Timothy G. Huguenin
Riley Pierce
Quentin Norris

With introduction by Emerian Rich.


HorrorAddicts.net is proud to present our top 14 contestants in the Next Great Horror Writer Contest. The included stories, scripts, and poems are the result of the hard work and dedication these fine writers put forth to win a book contract. Some learned they loved writing and want to pursue it as a career for the rest of their lives. Some discovered they should change careers either to a different genre of writing or to a new career entirely. Whatever lessons came along the way, they each learned something about themselves and grew as writers. We hope you enjoy the writing as much as we did.

Just 99 cents at Amazon.com

A sneak peek inside…

by Emerian Rich

The Next Great Horror Writer Contest was such an awesome experience, I don’t think we could have imagined what excitement it would bring to our listeners and what success it would inspire in the contestants. Being the first ever Next Great Horror Writer Contest in HorrorAddicts.net history, it certainly made Season 12 an adventure.

HorrorAddicts.net has had writer competitions for quite some time. Starting in 2009, we hosted the Wicked Women Writers Competition where women horror writers wrote and produced a short audio story with a theme chosen by us. In 2011, the men wanted a stab at it and we launched the male equivalent contest, Masters of Macabre.

Both of these competitions required the writer to record and produce stories on their own. At times, we allowed alternate voices for entertainment effect, but the main point was to have the author podcast their own work. We were podcast authors after all and expected the same sort of dedication from the contestants.

Over time—and following the great pod-fade of 2012, caused mostly by Mevio suddenly dropping all of their free accounts without notice—the contest entries waned. There were still contestants, but not as many podcast authors and those that were still trucking, were dealing with the new era of audiobooks Audible had ushered in and how to transfer to ACX. However, there were still writers wishing to complete, they just weren’t educated on the podcasting bit. At this same time, there were suggestions of combining the men and women’s contest and including our alums in the race, but none of it excited me.

In an attempt to evolve the contest, I dreamed big. This next contest had to be something that authors would clamor to enter. It would have to offer a prize that went beyond badges and horror gift packs—although those gift packs are pretty cool!

I asked myself, what do all authors want? Well, book deals of course, acceptance letters, and royalty payments. I knew we could offer small short story publications, but what if I could get them a chance to pitch their novel to a real publishing house in hopes of getting a deal?

I approached the well-known Crystal Lake Publishing first. They were well-respected by the horror community and we’d been acquainted with them through the show reviewing their books and featuring their authors. I offered Joe a choice. We could offer the winner a contract, or if he wasn’t prepared for that, just an interview for possible publication. When he said they could offer a contract, I about fell out of my chair. Now, it was real. Now, I really had to step it up.

If we were going to allow Crystal Lake Publishing to put their faith in our winner, that writer had to be tested beyond breaking point. They had to prove they had what it took to actually enter a real writing career. We settled on thirteen writing challenges, pushing the authors out of their comfort zones and asking them to meet insurmountable deadlines. But we weren’t completely heartless. We’d have mini-prizes along the way.

One of my fears upon launch was that given the tough challenges, no one would enter. But we were inundated with authors all clamoring for that grand prize. 137 writers grappled for the top spaces. Authors from 13 countries, 34 US states, ages 18-75, and from all different ethnicities and backgrounds answered our call.

It was a tough decision picking the top ones. We graded every part of the application process from why they thought they were a horror addict, what genres they most liked to write, their goals as a writer, why they enrolled, their online presence, and most importantly, their 100-word story submitted for entry. The story took half the grade while their application answers took the other half.

Only a chosen few would go on to compete. Dan Shaurette, Heather Roulo, and I spent hours pouring over the top twenty, comparing stories, their answers to questions, and how we thought each of them would compete. Not only did we strive to get a diverse list with men, women, and people from different countries, but we also wanted those who gave creative answers to questions. Did their answers to these seemingly ambiguous questions make us want to read more? Was their viewpoint original? Would they be someone both our US and our listeners abroad would be interested in following for a whole season?

Finally, we rested on the top contestants and the contest began. The following stories, scripts, and poems are the result of the hard work and dedication these fine writers put forth to win a book contract. Some learned they loved writing and want to pursue it as a career for the rest of their lives. Some discovered they should change careers either to a different genre of writing or to a new career entirely. Whatever lessons came along the way, they each learned something about themselves and grew as writers.

HorrorAddicts.net is proud to present our top 14 contestants in the Next Great Horror Writer Contest. We hope you enjoy the writing as much as we did…To read the stories, click here.

Horror Addicts.net Online Writers Conference Feb 24-28, 2019

Free Online Writer’s Conference coming in FEB!


Attention Literary Horror Addicts, Wicked Women Writers, Masters of the Macabre, and any fellow demented author folk!

HorrorAddicts.net is having our very own Online Writing Conference in February 2019!

Authors, Editors, Agents, Publishers, Readers, and Writers are invited to take part in the Horror Addicts.net Online Writers Conference and learn HOW to hone their literary craft thanks to interactive online forums, live chats, writing exercises, and more FREE opportunities to sharpen your skills wherever you are and whatever you write. Yes, the HOW Conference is open to any genre and general writing topics, not just horror!

What kind of workshops are we looking for at HOW, you ask?
  • Interactive forum based workshops, worksheets, writing exercises or prompts in any genre or writing skill level
  • Articles and essays with writing tips, experiences, or references, again in all genres or on technical tips, formatting, grammar, etc
  • Editor, Agent, and Publisher essays, experiences…

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Will there be another Next Great Horror Writer Contest?

HorrorAddicts.net‘s 2017 Next Great Horror Writer Contest ended in October 2017 with the grand prize winner, Jonathan Fortin, walking away with a basket full of prizes including several story publications and a book contract from Crystal Lake Publishing.

The other contestants have gone on to participate in the writing community and have bragging rights as well. They made it through a grueling six-month writing challenge, battling each other for the top prize. No matter what they won or didn’t win, they challenged themselves as writers and got better as the competition went on.

What listeners and prospective #NGHW contestants what to know now is… Will there be another Next Great Horror Writer Contest? The answer is…maybe. It depends on the feedback HorrorAddicts.net gets from listeners and prospective contestants over the next year on whether the contest will resume in 2019.

For 2018, HorrorAddicts.net is returning to it’s normal format for it’s most CURSED season yet, Season 13. Began in July 2008 as a way for Emerian Rich to keep connected to her vampire podnovel fans, HorrorAddicts.net has grown into a massive outlet for Horror enthusiasts. Now a blog, podcast, and publisher, HorrorAddicts.net strives to bring the best in new, indie, and original fiction to it’s readers and listeners.

In Season 13, the podcast will include stories by authors such as Lori Safranek, Courtney Mroch, H.R. Boldwood, Patrick C. Greene, and more, produced by the HorrorAddicts.net staff. Musicians Valentine Wolfe, I-Def-I, SINthetick Messiah, Stagefright, Hormones, and Harry Husbands will also be featured. The shows will be centered around CURSE beliefs throughout the ages and a brand new audiodrama will grace it’s airwaves. Season 13 will also feature the new print book coming in the Summer, Crescendo of Darkness, Edited by Jeremiah Donaldson and bring current news from the Horror world to it’s addicts.

When asked if the Next Great Horror Writer Contest was a good experience, Emerian said, “Yes. We actually had a lot of fun producing it. I loved talking to all the newbie writers and helping them realize their dream of being a horror writer. It was also great dealing with all the guest judges and prize donors.” When asked if HorrorAddicts.net will be doing the contest again, she said, “We’d love to. It all depends on if there is enough interest in it. It was a lot of work for us, but that is nothing if we have interested contestants. We got tons of entries last time who I’m sure would like a second chance at being the Next Great Horror Writer. If we have enough interest from the listeners, prospective contestants, and sponsors, we would love to host it again.”

So now it is up to you to contact HorrorAddicts.net at: horroraddicts@gmail.com and let them know your thoughts about #NGHW Contest. Did you enjoy listening to the contest? Do you want to enter next time? Let your voice be heard!

Happy Halloween from HorrorAddicts.net


From all of us at HorrorAddicts.net, have a very creepy, fantastical, spooky, holiday!
If you haven’t listened to our Halloween finale, listen now:

And don’t forget our submission call for the next anthology Crescendo of Darkness closes tonight at 11:59pm, PST


 Happy Halloween!!!!
Now go eat some candy and then read
a horror novel,
save the horror movies for the other 364 days. ~David Watson

Keeping it Halloween 24/7 amirite, Addicts?! 😉 ~ Kbatz

Pleasant nightmares on this All Hallows’ Eve, Addicts! ~Donald Pitsiladis

Happy Halloween my Addicts!!! I shall miss you so much!
Don’t forget to send me pictures of your great Halloween outfits
and party festivities so we can carry over until January!!
Batty Hugz! ~Emerian Rich

Dark blessings to all our “Addicts” – until we rise again! Love,
“The Darque Halo” ~Lisa Vasquez

Ghoulish Greetings, Addicts!
Enjoy your haunted holidays and…

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By The Fire: Episode 149: Challenge 13: This is the End


As I start to write this post the song that is playing in my head is The End by The Doors. Because that’s what this is, the end of the contest and what a trip it has been. The last challenge in The Next Great Horror Writer for episode 149 of the HorrorAddicts.net podcast is the hardest one yet. This one was only open to the semi-finalists and they had to submit The first 3 chapters of their horror fiction novel including a cover letter, synopsis, and query. Wow!!! I have the highest respect for everyone in this contest because they had to work hard to be a part of it and everyone in it has shown how dedicated they are to their craft. The winner of this challenge and the grand prize for the contest is a book contract from Crystal Lake Publishing.

To sit and think on…

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#NGHW Winner! Who is the NEXT GREAT HORROR WRITER? Jonathan Fortin!


Winner Jonthan Fortin!

Age: 29
From: El Cerrito, CA, USA


As a child, Jonathan Fortin was perpetually terrified, so of course he grew up to be a horror writer. Haunted by tales that grow in his head like demonic children, Jonathan believes that a good horror story is first and foremost a good story—just one where particularly awful things happen.
Facebook / Website

Jonathan wins:

Crystal Lake Publishing

Grand Prize: Book Contract

 Dario Ciriello, Editor

Grand Prize: Full edit of winner’s novel up to 50,000 words.


Short story contract with HorrorAddicts.net “Horror Bites” series.

Horror Writer gift box. Supplies and inspiration for the Next Great Horror Writer.

Winner line up / Final placement…

1st place: Jonathan Fortin

2nd place:

Age: 41
From: Valley, WA, USA


3rd place:

Age: 27
From: Houston, Texas, USA

4th place:

Age: 30
From: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

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HorrorAddicts.net, 149 Season Finale #NGHW Winner Announced


Horror Addicts Episode# 149
SEASON 12 – The Next Great Horror Writer Contest


Horror Hostess: Emerian Rich

Judge: H.E. Roulo

Guest Judge: Joe Mynhardt

Intro Music by: Valentine Wolfe



Find all articles and interviews at: http://www.horroraddicts.net

17 Days till Halloween

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Intro of judges, prizes, and contest.

Review of the 3 novel pitches

Joe Mynhardt

Crystal Lake Publishing

Contestants: Naching T. Kassa, Jonathan Fortin, Daphne Strasert.

HA.Net News: Captain Blackheart of the

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#NGHW News: Episode 148


Hello, my Horror Fiends!

This week I’m filling in for your favorite news reporter Adelise since she will be gone for a few weeks. Nicole Kurtz is this week’s guest judge. She is the publisher of Mocha Memoirs Press.   The contest for our horror contestants this week was to write a horror story about an original monster of their creation. The stories this week were fantastic. With just a little tweaking, these stories could be perfect.

Nicole Kurtz is this week’s guest judge. She is from Mocha Memoirs Press. She has brought great personality to the judging of this contest and I can honestly agree with her choices this week.

Nicole’s top three favorites this week, in no particular order, were:

The Guardian – Naching T Kassa. The judges loved the originality of the story. The poem as well was just beautiful. They did think that the story ran…

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By The Fire: Episode 147: Challenge 12: Write a 2500-3000 Word Story Featuring a Diverse Woman and an Original Monster of Your Making


Our contest is drawing to a close, we made it to episode 147 of the HorrorAddicts.net podcast and the twelfth challenge for The Next Great Horror Writer is to Write a 2500-3000 word story featuring a diverse woman (of color/ethnic/minority) that also contains an original monster of the writer’s making. Our contestants created a monster way back in challenge 2 which they can use for this story, or they can create a new monster. The goal is to test their ability to write a story with a theme involved, they will be judged on creativity, overall story concept, and writing quality.

One thing I wonder about is would it be easier to create a monster or to create a good diverse female character and what would be the theme that would fit both? I think for all parts you are using a different part of your imagination. For a monster you…

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#NGHW 9 Short Stories


These are summaries of the top 9 short stories.

  1.  Echoes in the Oasis – Sumiko SaulsonIn a post-apocalyptic world where transmogrified beings, merged together by a eugenics program are the norm, a young girl is destined to save the world from demon-infested patients.Hero: is Imani, an African-American girl.

    The sturgoid (sturgeon with mutated wings) and Echoes are the monster

  2. NightmarescapesIn a town…where nightmares are solid, a mother is trying to find a way out for the good of her young daughter. She has to fight ghost-like creatures that can control her nightmares and a Spider monsters from her own imagination.

    Hero: An African-American mother.

    Monster: Spider Nazi with her ex-husband’s head.

    #3 Lost Cause

    An abused runaway girl falls into a cruel relationship with a drug addict until her repentant mother summons a protective guardian.

    Hero: Mother or daughter.

    Monster: Rapist or Lion Monster

    #4. Other One…

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